23 September 2013

Sofia's dress = World Peace

There are times when you want to be the better person.

And there are other times when you want to check out the acceptance speech of Merrit Wever and see what exactly Sofia Vergara wore to the Emmys.

Just in case you're wondering
And both are okay.  It is really hard to stay tuned to the atrocities unfolding in Nairobi, especially when the death toll keeps rising and you don't fully understand why the fuck more people are dying in malls.


I come from a long line of grudge holders.  Olympic level. They don't forgive. They don't forget. Religion has been part of it. Personalities. Misunderstandings.  In fact, if we traced back some opinions and 'facts' I'm pretty sure we'd reach a point where official recordings didn't exist and yet it still continues.

So I get that things carry on.

And on.

But what is it lately that means our news feeds are constantly being populated with the death of innocents?  Mass shootings. Violence. Fear. Pain. Death. Ugliness.

I find it heartbreaking that for some, going to the mall is never going to be an act of mindlessness. That going to the mall will never again be as simple as finding a similar dress to the one that 'Sofia' wore to the Emmy's in 2013.

Shopping should just be.  Movies should be.  School should be.  Touristing should be. Working should be.  Life should 'just be'.

A grudge should be nothing more than crankiness and a dislike of a relative who you think may possibly have worn purple on the wrong day in June in 1645.

And yet, generation after generation is begetting an ugliness, a vacuum, a void into which people seek validation in violence and bloodshed.  In which religion is used as a weapon and differences are used to justify evil.

No culture is immune.  No religion is immune. No country is immune. Bigotry, hate, small mindedness are all traits of successful politicians right across the globe.  Politicians represent the mood of a country.

It's obvious that a lot of countries needs to spend some time in 'time out'. Until they are ready to play nicely.

Why? Why are we not voting in people who are kind? Who are thoughtful?  Who are innately positive?

 People who get how awesome Sofia's dress is?

People who understand that society should function in such a way that the only thing that matters to all of us, regardless of culture, gender, sexuality, religion or race, is Sofia's dress.

And that if you don't like it. It doesn't matter.  Because it's just a dress.

And what really mattered is that we were able to disagree on it without anybody getting hurt.