6 February 2014

Roar Roar Roar If you feel you want to-oo-oo

On Thankful Thursday I have decided to be thankful for my ability to ROAR!  Which is also one of my three words of the year so I'm kind of pleased it's kicking off so early.

I have roared in delight this week because all the pitching and talking for my new business is starting to pay off and my new business OFFICIALLY HAS CLIENTS.  Woohoo!

Which not only makes me roar, but do fist bumps with myself and funny little happy dances in my home office environment. And then I roared because of those bloody Dora game pieces I mentioned in my last blog.  (Mental note: must pick the buggers up)

I have roared this week with heartbreak, bewilderment and fury because of a staffing decision at my local childcare which is completely unfathomable to me and a number of other parents.  Worse, it is being reported in seven different types of bureaucratese which just stonewalls the parents and gives us no understanding of a choice which has such a huge impact on the centre, that I, and others, are unable to believe it is a good decision or a right decision.

And I have roared with laughter this week because of my two zany, feisty and hilarious daughters who just take joy with them into every room they enter, and throw it around along with most of the contents of their toyboxes.

 It is for them I must learn to roar the loudest and how easily they inspire with their good humour, their trust and their openness.

My final observation on roaring is if even the wildest of animals look a bit daft doing it, I am so pleased nobody can see me when I do the roaring, dancing and fistbumping.  Lordy me but it must be a sight!