12 July 2012

A pink sign for Holly

I was driving around today to the tunes of Jay Laga'aia trying to get my perfect children to have a day time sleep when I passed a pink poster stuck on a mesh fence outside some older style units just outside of Marsfield.  A teddybear and flowers were tied to the fence to accompany the poster which was simply encased in a very large clear plastic bag.

Being of a naturally nosy disposition, I did a u-turn and came back.  The handwritten sign paid tribute to a girl named Holly who had been found dead in one of the units late last month.  She was only 21.  No relatives had been found and the sign called for "Justice to be served for 'poor Holly'."

The sign touched me.  How horrid to die at the hands of someone else and and how horrid to have no family at such a young age.  Who knows what the story is and how it came to be but how beautiful that somebody cared enough to mark her passing.  It may not have been elaborate and it may not be permanent.  But it was bright, it was eyecatching, and it worked.  Now I too have Holly in my thoughts.

Rest in peace Holly.  And may justice be served.

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