4 July 2012

This state of origin malarky and the olympic spirit

I like to think of myself as endearingly ignorant about all things of a sporting nature, but I suspect to the vast majority of sports mad Australians, there is nothing endearing about my ignorance at all.  Which is why the State of Origin and the Olympics are so splendid for people like me.  I don't need to have a clue about what is going on but my allegiances are clear and I always know what the result was, ensuring I can engage in vague but meaningful conversation with other human beings.

Allegiance is easy - I was born in QLD - therefore I go for Queensland.  For the Olympics - I am Australian therefore when an Australian wins I am thrilled even if I have never heard of the sport. I know the basic rules of wheelchair rugby as a friend once played it and I know what sport Matthew Mitcham is famous for even though he has never starred in a bonds underwear advert.  This means I know enough to avoid the tedious conversations about how its 'unAustralian' not to like sport, but not enough to make people think I care enough to have a whole conversation about it.  

And well done QLD for their seventh win in row tonight.  Which I know despite watching Randling and QI, while playing words with friends on my phone and putting my daughters to bed.  Twitter is a marvellous thing.

Only 20 something sleeps to the Olympics - I must remember to maintain my patriotic fervour until then. A spot of Dumb Drunk and Racist should do it. Right??

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