7 August 2012

Over committed, under resourced

When I embarked upon my blog project, I had lists I ran through mentally of things I felt passionately about, things that interested me, small amusements and I envisaged myself bashing away at the keys for half a delightful hour every day honing my blogging skills and indulging in my love of writing.

Oh the power of the imagination hey?

I really should have considered the impending visit of my in-laws, our imminent house move, the two small children under two that I have, a third anniversary, the list of things that I'm trying to get done because I'm a list writer and the little things that actually make up the vast majority of life.  Like the chest infection which actually had me bedridden and indignant with it.  Didn't the world know I didn't have time to be sick?  I had THINGS TO DO.

I have mentally composed the wittiest, decidedly cutting, somewhat poignant blogs in reply to all manner of world and personal events as I rocked my poorly youngest child at three in the morning.  I've even written the odd note on the old iPhone which now makes no sense -  'tall poppy exclusive', 'art critic bollocks'.  I mean really - they are not even ringing a distant bell in a neighbouring dimension let alone setting off anything in my own brain.

So, here's to a refresh, a reload and a rebirth.  My blogging begins anew.

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