28 August 2012

The terror of tax time

Tax time is a bugger.

The step by step forms, the simplicity of the online layout, all the loveliness of the help button - none of it takes away from the fact that I'm essentially dealing with numbers, and logic and it all just reeks a little bit of maths.

I sucked at maths.  Whether baffled by the sheer logic or the implausibility of ever having to use any of it in real life - I struggled with maths my entire school life.

My basic arithmetic is just dandy. And having a calculator on my phone means never having to rely on my own calculations which is indeed a blessing for everybody but tax time is no arithmetic.  It's a headache.  A big ol' mean headache.

I could pay somebody to do my tax, but theoretically, my tax is simple.  But none of the words or concepts in the tax pack match with the simplicity of my reality.  And don't get me started on family benefits A & B and childcare rebates.... I just fill in the forms and hope to hell that the system can be trusted because I haven't a clue if I'm getting what I'm entitled to or not.  And when I went and asked at Family Assist they guy there knew less than me.  And owned up to not having a clue or caring.  I suppose such honesty in the government is to be applauded at some level.

Sigh.  Anyway, I'm obviously procrastinating.  I'm going back to the e-tax screen and I'm not going to bed until I've cracked it.  Or they've cracked me.

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