2 September 2012

Love is not hateful or unkind

Two friends of mine became engaged on Friday.  They are a lovely couple.  Witty, engaging and passionate about life (and the transport options available to those in the NW of Sydney - please don't bring that up!).  To make the news official they updated their facebook pages and we're all waiting to hear the details of the proposal.  Their parents shared the news on their facebook pages as well and everybody was happy and wrote beautiful messages of congratulations and love.

Except for one tosser who wrote a vitriolic and hateful comment to one of the mothers because the couple in question are both of the male persuasion.  He was"shocked" that she could be celebrating her son's engagement to the man that he loved.  

And he was confident enough in his petty bigotry to write this publicly on the page of the woman that birthed this child, loves the man he grew into and the man he plans on sharing his life with for the entirety of happily ever after.  

He said he was shocked that she would share such news publicly and that her parents would not approve.  I don't know the grandparents but there is no way that as a mother in her own middle age she needs her parents permission to love her own son and share his joy in the same way as she would share his sorrows. 

I say this - better she has raised a son with the confidence to love freely, openly and deeply than a bigot.  I can think of no greater heartbreak than to find the child I raised was small minded and full of baseless prejudice.  

So a toast to the happy couple - and make the wine expensive. 

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