24 September 2012

Not so sweet on confectionery

Am I just ageing in some cantankerous manner or are the sweets of 2012 not a patch on the lollies we ate back in the 80s?

Obviously lollies were a huge treat but when you got them they dripped with flavour and texture.  These days they nearly all just taste execrably sweet and are no more distinctive than the paint colour white is from the paint colour bridal.

I loved the milk bottles, pineapples and strawberry creams and would hunt them out of a party bowl the way Lindsay Lohan hunts out a PR disaster.  The jawbreaker gum was so flavour intense it used to give me a headache even before I almost broke my jaw crunching down on the exterior.

I was given a small pack of jellybeans today which is what has started me on this rant.  Full of original flavour the packet boasts.  Original flavour of what?  They all taste exactly the same - aspartme flavoured insipidity.


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