11 September 2012

Three books in a row

As I am unpacking this afternoon I have just amused myself beyond measure by placing Elisabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love between Mark Dapin's Fridge Magnets are Bastards and Charlie Brooker's The Hell of It All on the bookshelf.

I hated Eat, Pray, Love.  I found it whiny and soul destroying.  I will never get back the time it took me to read it and I resent Ms Gilbert for that.  However, it was a gift and I love the gift giver very much so I have kept it through recent book purges.  

Mark Dapin and Charlie Brooker are the kind of thinkers and writers that I love.  They get you thinking, they get you opining and they are cranky buggers in a world of white teeth and cloying positivity.  Which I am all for - but it is equally lovely to have dissent without ideology or the burden of principle to take away from it.  

And since I am unlikely to ever meet Mr Dapin or Mr Brooker, I must content myself with placing them either side of Ms Gilbert on the bookshelf and chortling away to myself as I continue to unpack and imagine the kinds of conversations those three books will be having in that alternative universe where books talk to each other.

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