22 October 2012

A good hearty no agenda chuckle.

I read this article by Annabel Crabb over the weekend and loved it.  I giggle every time I think about #proudtobecurious and amused myself on the train this morning thinking of moments where the hashtag is super funny (I've been up since 4am - humour and caffeine are essential for today's success).

I shared the article with an English friend of mine who spent three years living here in Australia and put in a concerted effort while here to visit all 132 of Australia's 'big things' and the smaller out of the way towns that nobody ever visits.

He replied that when he stopped in Benalla in Victoria they were going with 'Why go to Paris, when you can shop in Benalla?'.  Which is EXACTLY why he got so much enjoyment from his slightly diverse approach to travelling around Australia.  And he still hasn't figured out the answer.

I must admit that I have shared the article, and re-read it a few times because it continues to make me laugh and I am committed to going to the Home of the Meat Ant before I die. But it struck me as I re-read it this morning that one of the things I like about the article is the simple enjoyment of the daft.  And I really don't think we get many well written chuckles from newspaper columnists these days without some major agenda underpinning the joke.

And I liked it.

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