5 October 2012

Even if it means donkey love, I want it.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't give a monkey's what Tony Abbott watches on TV.  I don't care who cuts Julia's hair.  I can't name the current Green's leader (whoops). I think Bob Katter is a douchebag but his hat doesn't impact me at all.

And why?  Because I'm looking for leadership not celebrity.  Genuine, aspirational, passionate leadership.  I want a political party and leader who has a vision, can articulate the vision and drive the vision.  People don't always need to be right, mistakes can be made, but I'm sick to death of the naysaying of Australian politics.

People are not going to vote for Tony Abbott because his wife likes him. She will.  And good on her - loyalty is lovely. He needs to be getting out there and having an opinion, providing leadership and a contrary vision to the one Labour provides.  His current approach of just being a negative nelly is boring.  He needs (sorry Tony) to pay attention to Mr Turnbull.  Like him, or love him, his is a well articulated opinion.

And Julia needs to stop expecting to be stabbed in the back like Kevin and get on with it.  At election time, people will respond to results and to evidence that representative democracy works. Representative - not the views of the MPs - but those of their electorates.  As our first female PM, she could be so much more and we'd let her be because we need someone to jolt us out of our apathy and get us caring again.

I want a vision for Australia that doesn't use minorities such as our refugee as pawns.  I want equality for all people even if it's a slippery slope to donkey love.  I want the strength of our dollar to continue.  I want good education for my children.  Opportunities for my friends.  An aged care system that will support my parents.  I want us to be the lucky country because our policies are based on fact not fear.

No wonder the new black market in christmas hams got such a long article today.  If the only other news on offer is that Margie likes her husband, we are officially screwed.

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  1. So totally agree, wish I had the words to put it as well as you do here. I dread the next federal election as there is very few politicians worth voting for.