2 October 2012

In defence of Abbott

I never ever thought I'd be saying this and please nobody think it changes my overall view - but I think we need to give Tony Abbott a break.

Yes it was a Young Liberals event and yes Tony Abbott is a Liberal and yes, mostly he perpetuates the xenophobic and small minded policies so revered by John Bloody Howard BUT he didn't make the comments and he didn't endorse the comments. In fact he condemned the comments and was supportive of Julia Gillard.  Sure he might have only said as much as he needed to say but that's fine - he wasn't the one who was nasty.

I would go so far as to say he behaved decently and sympathetically on this occasion.  Which of course means now that I know he's capable of it, I'll judge him all the more harshly when he acts otherwise.

Alan Jones is the only person responsible for those comments even if the event did themselves no favours by inviting such a contrarian to have an open session on the microphone.

So lets end the blame game and stop giving him air time.  Now that would really piss him off.

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