4 October 2012

Is she really going out with him?

Late one Friday night in London in 2006, after a boozy night out with my beautiful man, we came home and turned on the TV and ended up watching the UK's inaugural version of Beauty and The Geek.  And for the next few weeks we were thankful for the 11pm closing time in London's pubs because we became complete addicts.  

It was car crash tv.  But sweet.  Inexplicably sweet.

And so in 2012, we are sitting down channel surfing and there is the latest Australian version.  And still strangely inexplicably sweet.  

The flip side of course is as the average joe on the couch, there is a touch of the patronising in the way we end up looking at both groups.  We are pleased we know what gibberish means and what town planning involves and we also know that we would never in a million years go on the show.  

And its all a little bit staged and cringeworthy and a little bit sad.  But here I am sitting through the entire first episode.  And I can almost bet money that I'll be watching the finale even if I miss all the ones in between.  Just to see who wins.  And it makes no sense to me - I'm loftier than this, more idealistic than this, busier than this! 

(And my beautiful man is wondering whether or not he should get a fake tan or wax his nipples.  So we know who he's identifying with this evening.  Ha ha)

Oh reality TV - you are the downfall of civilisation.


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