9 October 2012

My love affair with social media

Today has been a fascinating day to be on twitter.  I appreciate that some of the success of twitter lies in who you follow, when you're looking at it and the events of the day in question but wow! What a day!

The election of the new speaker, the resignation of the old speaker, Julia's double pow pow to Abbott, Stella Young's brilliant observations on what constitutes a valid life, Father Bob's biting retorts invoking Hitler as the original architect of genetic selection, some passionate support of the Destroy the Joint campaign - it was a wonder I got any work done.  And then laced through it - David Campbell's bumhole hashtag providing some light relief and a little bit about Legally Blonde - The Musical.

And this is what is great about social media.  The ability to engage with people that challenge your thinking, articulate your point of view better than you can, re-evaluate your opinions, contribute to public debate or give you an evil chuckle.

It is invigorating.  It is maddening. It is addictive.  I love that it connects me with issues I am passionate about and educates me about things I would like to know more about and occasionally bores me rigid.  In the midst of all the really fascinating things going on today I 'unfollowed' somebody who I believe has a profile and an intellect high enough to talk about more than her swimsuits.

It makes me laugh, it pisses me off, it perplexes me.  It has introduced me to some fascinating writers and worlds.  It's awesome, awesome, awesome.  And occasionally tiring.  It definitely keeps me occupied when my daughter's need feeding in the early hours of the morning!

If I was actually speaking this rather than typing, my words would be tumbling over each other - with my voice going up and down and my hands waving all over the place.  I'd be bouncing slightly on the balls of my feet and you'd be looking at me oddly.  But I find it strangely intoxicating to have been privy to such a variety of passions, interests and opinions.

And only 20 years ago I was wondering whether or not I needed a mobile or an email address.  I absolutely adore progress!

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