30 October 2012

Public Festivals for Single Parents - yes please!

My husband has been in Dehli for a couple of weeks to celebrate his friend's wedding.  He's had a marvellous time seeing the fireworks to celebrate the beginning of Diwali and throwing tumeric at Amit and generally having a fab time at the wedding and pottering about the city.

People keep saying "ooh, bet you hope he's not having too good a time".  Well no.  He better be having an awesome time because he's supposed to be having fun for the both of us since funds didn't allow for us all to go.  So when he looks at something that he thinks "ooh nice" he better be saying out loud "OOOH NICE".  

But I'll be honest, I'm ready for him to come home.  I've missed him, the girls have missed him and I'm able to tell you factually and with no guilt that I am in no way equipped for being a single parent.  I've never thought it easy but having gone through a period where I have to be the good guy, the bad guy, the on it guy, the cook, the cleaner, the Dora fan, the night timer getterupperer and the going to the toilet with a child attached to both leggerer I am ready to contribute my time and funds to build a giant memorial as a permanent accolade to single parents.

And when I think that so many single parents are teenagers or young adults that haven't even had the luxury of sleeping away their 20s and early 30s and who are raising children on their own while studying or holding down a job I say round the buggers up and give them cake.  None of this slagging off in the media - there should be public festivals in their honour.

I declare November National Hug A Single Parent month.  And I encourage you to hunt them out, give them a hug, tell them they are doing a great job and give them a cupcake.  Because chances are if that I crave adult conversation and a little hip hip hoorah after two weeks, there are a lot of single parents out there who are going to appreciate you sharing a little bit of your love and energy - even if you can't be arsed with the cupcake. 

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