25 October 2012

The woman after me

I heard a throw away line on the radio today by a woman saying that if she was unlucky enough to die young, she hoped her husband stayed faithful to her memory or married a 'lesser woman'.  And it got me thinking - why would you want that?

I adore my husband.  I adore my daughters. They are the world to me.  If I was unlucky enough not to get the 102 years his grandmother has under her belt so far (or even the 86 my own grandmother achieved) I would want only the best for him and the very super best for our daughters.  And lets face it - the vows are until death do us part not until infinity and beyond. Hello - we're not Buzz Lightyear here!

I would want the woman after me to be vibrant and energetic and as madly in love with him as I am.  I would want her to be wonderful to my girls, inspire them and support them and love them.  I would want her to give him the courage to embrace life and I would want him to be the foundation for her life as he is the foundation for ours.  I would want her to be secure enough in her relationship with him that they can remember me and share stories about me with the girls so that they would know how much I loved them and what I wanted for them in life.  Which is to be kind and confident and loving. And perhaps better dancers than their daddy and me. Though we do alright in the enthusiasm stakes.

I would want for my husband and daughters the same life after me as I hope to have with them now.  One that is full of love, full of laughter, adventure, possibilities and the occasional blue caused by having four stubborn as buggery people under one roof.  I would want them to be encircled and supported by the same wonderful family and friends that we have now, along with the new friends that they will meet along the way.

Why would you want anything less for people you love?

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