16 October 2012

What do I know?

I was following the twitter feeds from people attending the Problogger conference over the weekend and noticed that about, ummm, ALL my favourite bloggers of the moment seemed to be attending that event. Making me mad with envy (well apart from the bit where I attended my beautiful friend's wedding and watched her declare her love for happily ever after).

And I noticed that time and time again people were talking about their blogs needing to have a purpose and that we should always talk about what we know.

Which I find kind of interesting.  Because I think I blog because I don't know.  Really.  I don't think I know much about anything.  I sure don't have the answers.  I find the act of blogging gives me the opportunity to explore my thoughts on a subject, lay them out, cleanse the spirit as it were.  It gives me a chance to find out if I have words to express my feelings on a subject, ask questions on a topic or generally 'rant'.

But do I have answers?  Do I know?  I don't think any more than most.  One of the things I've been a lot better at in recent months is acknowledging that the things I am good at are not things I should apologise for just because other people aren't good at the same things.  But do I know why?  No.  Can I hypothesise?  You betcha!  What's my pop psychology like?  Second to none!

I mean I don't know why heaps of bloggers take photos of their feet for perspective in their illustrative shots. I don't know why people can justify trolling as art.  I don't know why people find the act of volunteering to be so difficult.  I don't know why people can't use deodorant before getting on public transport. I don't know why people are obsessed with the Kardashians.  I sure as hell don't know why people are so vile to each other.  I don't know why Madonna's Hanky Panky doesn't make it on her Best Of Album.  And I really am unsure where I was the day the music died. (That last one I don't know because I have never bothered to google when it was supposed to be so I could take an educated guess).

Anyway, perhaps next year I'll go and schmooze with other bloggers and try and act really cool when I meet the ones who I admire.  Which gives me 12 months to work out what the fuck I know.


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