2 November 2012

My Australia is not represented by the racists or the xenophobes

Some of the guys on Nauru have set up a Facebook page with their half an hour access every second day as a means of communicating with a world that they are worried might forget them and their plight.  And a bunch of racist Australian rednecks are protesting their single mother plights are more profound suffering than those seeking refuge from war and oppression.  I'm not saying it is easy - I'm saying its comparing oranges with apples.

And some of the asylum seekers are on a hunger strike as they want not to be on Nauru in tents.  They are looking for a asylum and a better life, not a freaking camping trip in the middle of nowhere.  And people are saying that they go on fasting diets where they last longer than the hunger strikers.  Again - your diet is an orange, their desperation an apple.

And now Australia is talking about annexing themselves or some such crap, which makes our current government a bigger pack of xenophobic dickheads then the Howard government.  And that's saying something.

It makes me ashamed to be Australian.

Being born Australian isn't some kind of right.  It's luck.  You could have just as easily popped out anywhere else in the world. Being born here doesn't make you more entitled, more worthy of safety than those born in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.  It's a privilege to be born Australian.  Not a right.

It definitely doesn't make you a better person as made evident by the policies they seek to enshrine or the comments on the Facebook pages or in the media.  Those are the kind of people that mistake their good fortune for some kind of divine specialness.

We have the room, we have the resources and we have a history rich in immigration and opportunity.  People don't leave perfectly good homes and their families because they're in a great position and just fancy a freakin' sea change.  If that was the case, we'd all be paying dodgy sea merchants to ship us in the opposite direction, or we'd be breaking our visitor's visas and trying to seek asylum overseas.  Desperate people live on the edge and below the radar because they feel they have no other choice.  Not happy, shiny, smiley people living lives of deliciousness.

Lets start living as compassionate, educated and welcoming people.  Not xenophobic, racist arses.  Because those Australians do not speak for me or my family.  There is room in my Australia for those wanting to make the most out of life for both themselves and their families.  The only thing that my Australia doesn't have room for is bigotry.

(You can support a better Australia at www.welcometoaustralia.org.au)

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  1. It's good to know there are still individuals that think like you. Specially in these times in which I'm considering into becoming a permanent resident in Australia. I ask myself, is this the place where I would like my children to grow up?

    All this Nauru topic, reminds me in a way of the immigration taking place between Mexico (my home country) and the US. Mexicans don't fancy of living 100's of km away from their homes, doing horrible jobs with a low pay. Yet, that seems for many a reasonable way of sustaining their own families in a country with increasing violence.

    But of course the US citizens... let me rephrase "the Americans" hate the Mexicans. I put it in quotations because they call themselves Americans, but they don't realize Mexico is part of America. Not only that, Mexico is also part of North America! And the US is also a country that was born from immigration.

    Now, you might find this interesting: what does an immigrant like me think of the immigrants of Nauru? Well, the only think I can say is that both of us deserve a fair chance in the immigration process. We both came looking for a better lifestyle, a place with safety, job opportunities and health services. But just because they have come to Australia in such an extreme circumstance, doesn't mean they will get preference and the processing of their visas will ignore all the obstacles that I have to go through. Just because I'm doing it in the legal way, through paperwork and not risking my life doesn't mean they will get their visas in a blink of an eye. I belive Australia is a country were honesty an legality reign.