1 November 2012

The second n in drunkenness

There are a couple of us at work that are what you would call 'good spellers', and a few of us at work that you would call 'not as good spellers who are mega competitive'.  So the challenge was on to find a word we couldn't spell and various options from websites and medical tomes were thrown at us. But the word that brought us undone was actually drunkenness.  One word out of many but oh the smug faces of the people who were not able to spell idiosyncrasy and had to look up drunkenness before hurling it at us.

Anyway, I digress.  Drunkenness.

It has two n's.  TWO.  A fact that when you see it written gives it the lurch of a drunken man and actually looks like the spelling was made up by the same drunken man hanging off the shoulder of a slightly less drunk compatriot.  When you say it, conscious of the double n scenario, you actually sound like a drunk person attempting to sound sober.

It is in fact a brilliant word.  That double N makes the word so terribly appropriate for a state that a lot of us find ourselves in on occasion but disguise with adjectives like tipsy, friendly, loud, relaxed or wankered.  When in actual fact, there is that word describing us at all stages of the inebriation process.  Who'd have thought?

I don't know if prior to this conversation whether or not I would have typed drunkenness with a double n subconsciously.  As a fast touch typist, there are many occasions where the correct spelling appears on my keyboard even as my mind starts to wonder about the spelling but now that I have verbalised it and spelt it incorrectly it becomes a conscious word.  A gloriously descriptive word.  Which almost means I'm going to have to go and have one glass too many just to roll it around in my mouth along with the 'one last glass' of chardonnay.

So basically - I'm organising Friday night drinks purely to spell.  I would not have imagined this scenario in any of my passion pop drinking days on a cold winter's night on the Watson Oval.  Not even once.  Honest.

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