14 December 2012

Birthdays are brilliant

I don't get why people don't like birthdays.  They are inevitable so why not just enjoy them?  Me - I adore them - they are the one day of the year where despite all my insecurities I just enjoy everybody being lovely to me.  Because people are lovely on your birthday.  They don't let your little habits annoy them, they find lovely things to say and you are allowed to do all your favourite things and ignore the housework.

I had a few of the "not long until 40 digs" - (well no - but lots can happen in two years so let me get to my 39th first) but I'm loving the idea of 40.  Because birthdays that end in 0 mean you can legitimately organise a 'big party'.  Like huge. You can have it fancy dress, out bush, in fine restaurants - whatever appeals.  And people will come along and party like its 1999 just because your birthday ends in 0. It's genius.

I always organise my birthday in advance.  Dad said to me years ago "Why don't you just leave it and see if somebody organises something for you?".  Good point.  But if they didn't my birthday would be ruined and that seems like an unnecessary risk when there is only one of them a year.  I don't mind going with the flow on some things but birthdays are not one of them.  The bigger the better.

And I am just as happy about your birthday as I am about mine.  I love them for everybody.  I love all opportunities to celebrate and be happy just because.  Weddings. Babies. Birthdays. Promotions. New homes. You name it.  But birthdays happen the most regularly.

My last huge bash was my 21st which is the one exception to the 0 rule and it was great fun.  30 was a little more low key so I'm basically going to have 19 years of HURRAH stored up to celebrate my 40th.  So you can all start preparing now.  And I can most guarantee it's going to be fancy dress because I love that shit.  LOVE IT.

A birthday grinch said to me yesterday "I don't get why you enjoy getting older."  You don't?  Well if you think of the alternative it's pretty clear.  You want as many as you can get - there is a lot to fit in to life and if you ran out of birthdays that would be a very sad thing indeed. 

And that my friends is that.  The Festival of Al is over for another year.  Now your Christmas celebrations can begin in earnest.  Mwa.


  1. And how did you get on as a kid as having your birthdays so close to Christmas ? Did you get real presents for your birthdays as well as for Christmas ? I know my family would have said something like "you just get one big present at Christmas, that is for both your birthdays and Christmas". And did you get to celebrate your birthdays at school or you were already on holidays by then ? So many questions ! I hope you enjoyed your 38th !

  2. It's fine - December babies are the best. The parentals tried mixing it up once and twice but like all small people I was fairly vocal about it. I normally celebrated in the holidays but that is the way of it - in the olden days small people parties and what not weren't quite the productions they are now!

  3. I agree celebrations are the best! Good on you for celebrating. Too many crap things happen these days and ageing is enevidable so why not be joyous about it.