8 December 2012

Road trips with kids vs without kids

There are two types of road trips - those with kids and those without.

Those with kids can never be taken spontaneously and without snacks.  And by snacks, I mean the resources to feed the 5000 should Jesus fail to appear.

Those without kids only need the tic tacs in case you meet a cute policeman at an RBT.

Road trips with kids require additional clothing for both children and adults in case of spillage, blowouts or some kind of random travel sickness never before invented.

Road trips without kids can be done in the nude if that what takes your fancy.

Road trips with kids require an in depth knowledge of action songs, cheery songs, songs with clapping and repetition.

A road trip with out kids can be done entirely by surfing the radio channels or re-enacting Queen's finest hits while head banging, playing air guitar and driving.

Road trips with kids require an understanding that you drive with only about 1/4 of your attention on the road and the rest on the houdini in the back seat trying to extricate themselves from their shoulder straps.  (They'll win - no matter that you've drilled holes in their shoulders to loop the straps around)

Road trips without kids involve scenery and sunsets and impromptu stops at strawberry picking farms that you never notice when you're watching Houdini.

Road trips with kids are full of tense silences with your partner while you fume about the myriad of misunderstandings that have happened since you got in the car and they messed up your system of bags designed to make the journey easier.

Road trips without kids are full of long silences, intertwined fingers and sporadic conversation about shared experiences, or nothing.  Lots of gentle nothing.

Road trips with kids are full of moments where they eventually slumber and your heart wells up with love for their little selves, their adorable little selves and their bored, inventive little minds filling in time on a road trip with the olds.

Road trips without kids are full of moments where you wish you could be singing action songs and doing funny seat dancing or yelling 'CAR' whenever you see one.

Verdict.  If road trips without kids mean giving back my girls I'd probably keep them.  Probably. Maybe. Okay, yes.  YES.  But I still think a road trip in the nude should be on my bucket list.

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