2 December 2012

Stop clicking Bono

You know the joke where Bono stands on stage and clicks his fingers.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  And then he says sonorously into the microphone.  Every time I click my fingers a child dies.  Five. Six. Seven.  And from the audience a voice calls back - "Stop fecking clicking then ya sick bastard".

I feel like that about some news we got on Friday night.  Shitty, crappy, poopy news.  It's not our news so I can't talk about it but if I could unclick my fingers and go back to the stage before this news.  Before it happened.  If I could take it all away and make it better I would.

Because I honestly feel like somebody is clicking away merrily, pissing on people I care about.  And whoever the clicker is - he/she has gone a little too far.

You wake up and you wish that it was just a bad dream.  But it isn't.  And I know that if for me its awful, I know that for the people living it - its more awful. Its crap. It sucks. It bites.  There are not words big enough for the storm that's hit them from behind.  Good people.  Nice people. Ordinary people.  Very very much loved people.

Adored and beloved people.  The after will come.  But I don't think it's unreasonable to wish for them 'the before'.  Back when the world was normal.  Made sense.  Was less random and fucked up.

So I'm channelling love, good karma, positive thoughts and whatever credits I have wherever towards them.

Big, huge, mammoth love.  

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  1. Big, huge, mammoth love & strength back to you & the ones you love. xxxx