3 December 2012

Too tall, too old for Totes. Fact.

Today I have become an over user of the word 'Totes'.  And it is not even lunch time. I am not a 'Totes' person.  My hubby and I use it ironically or stupidly between ourselves but we don't use it in regular conversation.  I'm not perky enough, short enough or young enough to say it without sounding like a complete prat.  But today is obviously 'Totes' day.

"This rain is really heavy"

"What do you think of this picture"
"Totes adorable"

"I really like Zooey - I hope she's as cool in real life"

You see?  Get the picture?  Embarrassing. 

I have a vocabulary.  I am comfortable using the word 'Totally' in its entirety and I can even use it correctly and not as substitute for intelligent conversation.  Every time I say the word I also get the urge to make this little rapper hand movement at the same time.  

You know the one.  They do it all the music videos when they're checking out the backsides of girls wearing no clothes. That sentence is enough to guarantee that I should not be using 'Totes' in conversation.

Such a dilemma.  What to do with myself?  

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