27 December 2012

Writing a list, checking it twice...

You know, I'm a big fan of the list.  I have been known to write lists of lists so I can keep track of where I am up to and what I need to do.  I have shopping lists, work to-do lists, home to-do lists, packing lists, lists of movies I'd like to see, lists of books I'd like to read, lists of places I'd like to see when I travel somewhere, lists of cards to send, lists of presents to buy, lists of people to call. Tick!

So the fact that Santa himself needs to write a list, check it twice.  I get that.  I bet he has an 'end of lists' list as well - the one you write that has the one or two things from all your other lists that haven't yet been checked off but if you have them on one list you feel more organised.  Streamlined as it were. Tick!

And I'm not the only one that loves a list.  If you google 'power of lists', pages upon pages of people are talking about harnessing creativity, clearing your head, establishing personal process, efficiencies, visual achievement, accountability, enhancement of effort and so on.  My favourite advice is to start every list with 'write a list' so you've got a head start. Tick!  And ticking things off a list - well that's just happiness in a pen stroke. Tick! Tick!

The world is full of lists - it's just that sometimes we call them other things. Like a recipe is just a list of things you need to make something, followed by a list of processes that helps you achieve that.  A timetable is just a list of times indicating when your train will come.  A TV guide is just a list of shows you might want to watch along with the times. A catalogue is just a list with pictures of things you might like to buy.  A contract is a list of rules and regulations by which you do or don't do something. And anybody that has written a book about how to live without lists has properly got chapters in the front of their book.  And that's just a list. Tick!

 With me?  I'm right you know. List makers rule the world.  They are behind all the great religions, all the great organisations, all the great companies, all the great achievers.

So basically, I'm in good company.  Tick.

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