7 January 2013

'That' friend is coming to stay and I'm soooo excited

Tonight I'm going to be hanging out with one of the most amazing girls I know.  I've known her for the best part of twenty years and she's been inspirational, hilarious and so amazingly honest in the way she's approached life that I love spending time with her even if we never get around to talking about anything serious, because I know that inside her head she's probably got a whole lot of awesomeness bubbling around ready to spew out at some time.

Even having a conversation about bad traffic gives her cause to laugh.  She's just positive.  And when she's negative, she's pretty bloody positive about the negative and you understand that sometimes being negative is a positive.  Because it is all yin and yang at some level.  And probably funny.  But definitely worth thinking about.  But not too seriously.  Or too often.

From her point of view, her life is just ordinary.  And she doesn't see herself as anything special.  And I'm not saying she's perfect because that would burden her and me with a weight of expectation that could ruin a friendship.  But she's a lovely human being.  She is so awesome that when she doesn't know something, she asks.  And when she doesn't understand something, she says so.  Can you imagine if we all lived that way?

And while we live hundreds of kilometres from each other and real life gets in the way of speaking as regularly as we used to, the idea of having her stay as she takes her boys on a road trip north is fabulous.  It's making Monday sparkle like its been bejazzled by a bejazzling fanatic.

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