6 February 2013

Gays, Asylum Seekers and Spanx

I woke up this morning to the news that the UK had pass the marriage equality bill 400 - 175 votes (more here). Nick Clegg (who I think is a pratt generally) summed it up beautifully when he said ""I genuinely believe that we will look back on today as a landmark for equality in Britain … No matter who you are and who you love, we are all equal."

Exactly. Well said Mr Clegg - the laws we live by should apply to all people. Gender, race, colour and creed have NO part in the laws which govern a country. ARE YOU LISTENING AUSTRALIA?


The mistake people make is thinking that marriage equality is just about gay people. It's not. The injustice, the violation occurs, in that we legislate against part of the population, therefore making discrimination somehow acceptable. Its not. By eliminating discrimination from law, step by step, we are truly working towards a truly equal society. You can't eliminate bigotry from law, but you can eliminate acceptance of discrimination as a cornerstone of the society in which you live.

Which leads me to another national disgrace. Almost like a segue but less pretty. Nauru. A nurse has spoken out about the conditions of Nauru which support the findings of the UN and Amnesty International late last year (see here) and the only thing the Immigration Department is upset about is that she violated the terms of confidentiality that she signed up to when she agreed to work for them. Okay - in respect to individual cases fine but the conditions that exist over there should be so freakin' above board that we could log in to 'Nauru-cam' 24/7 and see a stable, supportive environment like they claim they are providing. 


All our detention centres are a disgrace. We are a first world country who violates UN recommendations and with an election looming are probably going to see this disgrace promoted as leadership by both parties. For the record - if you are in favour of petitioning for a humane approach to asylum seekers (the clue is in the name guys!) - sign up to Amnesty's Behind Bars campaign.

So there I was with my cornflakes almost finished - all steamed up about the state of the world, properly mad and glad about two causes which matter to me - and also upset about the fit of my work dress despite Spanx and state of my hair (I'm human, a compassionate one I hope, but still human), when I read an article about Beyonce at the SuperBowl and I remembered that she admitted to Ellen DeGeneres once that she wears Spanx. And I'll be honest - I felt a little bit better about myself.


Which means I care about things that don't matter as well as things that do. And that my friends is the juxtaposition of the human condition.

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  1. Yes to all these things!! Mostly and importantly, thank the lord for control underwear.