13 March 2013

Peak hour squint fest

You know when you're standing waiting for the bus,or the train, or even just to cross the road and you look casually to one side and you see somebody making a hideous face at you and you kind of jump?

The 'Clint Squint' - imgur.com
Then you realise they are looking into the sun. They are just squinting.

And your fight or flight reflexes calm down and you breathe a sigh of relief.  And then you look the other way and jump because they DEFINITELY don't like you judging by their look because the SUN IS THE OTHER WAY!

Jeepers and Mary Almighty!

Now, the narrowing of the eyes is not menacing but actually kind of hilarious when you're walking down the hill and see a bunch of people wilding squinting and distorting their faces to see whatever they need to peer into the sun to see.

All blissfully oblivious to the fellow squinters around them co-creating this interactive comic visual.

And once you notice the 'squint' you see it ALL the time.

Squint mobs are everywhere.

Inside bars trying to read the wine menu in bad light, in cars trying to read street signs, in movie theatres trying to work out where the prices might be, reading the instructions for putting the line into a whipper snipper, the drunk trying to work out who they are kissing.

They are like flash mobs!  A certain set of conditions - one starts and before you can say 'Clint Squint', everybody is taking part.

And now everywhere you go you will only notice the squinters.  You can thank me later.

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