12 March 2013

Thank you for the music (okay words)... la la la

It's exciting to have been nominated (by somebody or somebodies that is not myself) in the Voices of 2013.

Being nominated for anything is obviously great but there are so many fabulous Australian bloggers out there I am not for a moment expecting to win, but I love being at the party.

I still maintain a ridiculous amount of writers inexplicably include their feet in their blog photographic illustrations - as if having a toe peeping into the vista indicates that is really them.  That small wonderment aside, people have an incredible talent with words.

And I love seeing grammar used correctly, spelling just so and paragraphs broken up in an ordered fashion.  I'm not the only one to use the Oxford comma on occasion and I like that people can be so eloquent, so expansive and so passionate - all without losing their individual voices.

I get that a picture paints 1000 words but reading 1000 words is much more interesting, perhaps less pretty but a zillion times more engaging.  Like music, having somebody express something that has you go 'YES' or 'I hear you brother, I hear you' is one of the great advantages of the internet age.  I even like reading the people who I disagree with to make sure I'm not railing against a non-existent enemy or school of thought. Though I must confess I have banned anything by Ros Reine because she incites rage with just her byline so I'm better off not going any further.

So, to those that nominated me - a big thank you.  To those that write so beautifully and interestingly on your blogs - thank you. To those that allow me to rant, to ruminate, to observe, to profane, use grammar correctly and occasionally misspell a word - thank you.

(If you haven't a clue what this is about check out http://blogs.kidspot.com.au/villagevoices/voices-of-2013-kidspot-top-50-bloggers-goes-massive - voting has closed now)


  1. Yay! Congrats Alison. I have a feeling it was me but I can't remember if I actually did it or just thought about it...if no one Else admits to it then it was obviously me!!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah. And I am glad you got up too. Fingers crossed. And PS - loved yesterday's dress in your OOTD series.

    2. Oh thanks! Yes it is a lovely dress.