23 April 2013

Currently old fashioned

This weekend when we spent some time hanging out at Gran and Granpa's house, we had cause to wash our hands.

The Tullinator was fascinated by this square of white sitting on the basin.

"What's this Mama?"
"Soap sweetheart"

Confused look on her face. She knows soap comes from a press pack either attached to a wall in a public place or in a bottle on the side of the basin if one is in a house.

"Yes, old fashioned soap"

She has no idea what "old fashioned" means but she's good like that, runs with an idea until such time as she's worked it out.

Not all that long ago, we're hanging out with the neblings and took them for a drive to somewhere we thought they'd find exciting. I can't remember where - but I do remember what they found the most exciting.  

The fact that our car allowed them to wind their own windows down. That's right - our older car didn't have electric windows and winding the windows down kept them entertained for a very very long time.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down. With our feet.  Using our elbows.  Woohoo!

And then we recently gifted a pull along telephone with an old school dial mechanism and a cradle to put the earpiece in.

 It's a classic toy in that it has absolutely no relevance to the one year old that received it but they love the sounds it makes and anything that is pull along generally entertains small people.

And it came in a box. Either way, the gift was surely a winner. 

The fact is - things that to us were the everyday not that long ago - are already history for our children.

They are items of novelty. Hilarious. Funny. Enjoyable for being unusual.

And the fact that my childhood and even my teenage years are now officially the olden days is slightly bewildering.

What about you? What things have you discovered aren't instantly recognisable to smaller people?


  1. Totally! The big girls and I recently went to a handmade market and had to drag some of the little girls along. One of the first stalls had a vintage typewriter to record an email list. Estella and Gaby were totally confused by such a contraption until I showed them how it worked. Then they lost their little minds with excitement, was very cute to watch them bang away.
    Encountered another random piece of vintage technology over the weekend too....a public toilet with an elevated sistern and pull chain. Now that s old school! :-)

    1. Wow. I learnt to type on a typewriter. And I'm still a very very nifty touch typist... like super fast. I'm more old school than I thought. Eeek

    2. I like the idea of using a typewriter to record an email list... reminds me of this:


  2. Dear God! I know what you mean... I heard a TED Talk from Ken Robinson a while back, where he mentioned no kids wore watches anymore (Why would you, they do just one thing). I checked that out the next day at school; and of my four classes, only two kids had watches on - both had recently received them as gifts. And God forbid, you have a mobile phone that *just* makes calls :/ - how 'olde school'. Remember how cool we thought Mulder an Scully were because they BOTH had mobile phones! The things didn't even exist when we were in our teens... And don't get me started on "Cassette tapes" and walkmans (even discmans)...

    1. I thought getting to wear a watch was a sure sign of growing up.... I used to have a white patch on my arm because I never took mine off. I may have been a loser but I did used to be punctual.

      And tapes. Bless. With HB pencil. I'm having 'nostalgia'

  3. HILARIOUS! It;s true! Mum was also telling me at school there's no kids that wear watches any more. I hardly wear mine either.
    Oh gosh...my cousin said to me recently "You realise that iphones/ipads are like Penny's computer book in Inspector Gadget!!!

    1. And sadly our little people wont know who the real Inspector Gadget is (ie: not Matthew Broderick) Please god - let nobody make Bananaman into a movie!!!

  4. Livvy recently tried to 'swipe' the tv screen (mind you, she was 'swiping' Alice from the Brady Bunch opening theme).

    1. Technologically forward and with a solid understanding of poor character development. I like it.