11 April 2013

Holly had a doctor who was quick quick quick

The Tullinator has a much beloved and generally naked doll called Holly (because she joined us at Christmas and I'm that kind of imaginative Mama), who lost an eye when she was dropped onto the pavement about three and half seconds after she was opened. And that's fine - because she was still loved and her one-eye-ness has just been part of who she is. The single eye didn't bother my girl, or any of her friends, but turns out it is often a talking point with adults.

Minus her eye
"She's only got one eye"
"Where's her eye?"
"What happened to her eye?"

And somewhere in that fabulous brain of hers, The Tullinator came to recognise that Holly only had one eye and that in some way this wasn't the way it was supposed to be. And this made her sad, and there has been much talk about taking her to a doctor to make her better.  We are currently very much into doctors and how the bandaid is possibly the world's most awesome invention.

So I agreed to look into it. And today, after we dropped the in-laws to the airport we went to The Doll's Hospital.  This year the business is 100 years old and they specialise in fixing dolls and toys of all shapes and sizes.  And I'm going to say it here - this is NOT a sponsored post.  This is fan mail.

My little one was very reluctant to leave Holly behind.  After we'd dropped her off, and left, we had to come back in for some kisses and another goodbye.  And the lady there was so lovely and gentle and understanding.  We were told that it normally 2-4 weeks, but seeing how important Holly was, they'd try to get her operated in about a week or so. And as we headed home, we had a little cry in the car and talked about how hospitals help people and she'd be well looked after and we rang our Daddy (on speaker phone obviously) to check that he agreed that it was all going to be okay.

We got home and were settling in for some quiet time before a play date when the phone rang and it was the lovely lady from the front counter at the Doll's Hospital calling to say that she'd taken it to the 'doctor' explained the situation and they'd fast tracked her 'operation' and she was ready for collection. TODAY. Obviously she couldn't drive or operate heavy machinery after surgery like that so we cancelled our play date, got back in the car and headed back to the Hospital to collect Holly.  We took chocolate as a sign of our appreciation.  I know a blessing when I see one and I understand that chocolate is a good value add to the medical fees. Like major dental for under two year olds, eye surgery on dolls is not included in our health insurance. (Take note PHI companies looking for a unique customer proposition!)

"just like me"

And the Tullinator was so delighted.

"Oh Mama, she has two eyes. Just like me.  Now she looks just like me."

And with that sentence I had one of those chest thumps where your ribcage breaks open and makes room for your heart to swell with more love than you ever thought possible.

I am so incredibly lucky to have two beautiful hearted girls, Holly and The Doll's Hospital. Big love.


  1. I love her, and her little dollie!
    I asked the vet for a Medicare receipt recently. Awkward.

    1. You're one of those that love their pets like their children then? Just remember though that the vet won't provide kiddie vaccinations. That's when it gets really awkward apparently.

  2. You and your girls are just beautiful Al. Of course Polly is just like her :)