29 April 2013

If Fred Nile agrees with you - there's a problem

Rightio - Fred Nile has just agreed with your suggestion.  Do you
a) continue thinking its a good idea
b) give yourself kudos for having tried but concede its probably not the right direction?

Look - it was a suggestion to move the issue along which is more than Tony or Julia have managed but any idea that gets Fred calling on the 'Anglican and Catholic churches to come out in opposition to gay marriage' NON-IRONICALLY is not the right direction for this country.

The fact that we still continue to muddy the waters with bollocks about religion and sexuality is annoying.  And repetitive and really really boring.
www.change.org - thanks for the image to illustrate my point

The question is: are you human?
Answer Yes: Great stuff - you get the same rights as the person next to you.
Answer No: Chances are you're Mr Ed the Talking Horse and this really isn't about you.


I've just solved it.  It doesn't infringe upon anybodies rights and if churches want to say "None of that malarky in my building of worship" - fine. Let 'em.  Choose another building.  I align with 'those of faith' on a general basis but I think people that argue that religion should dictate the laws of a country are daft.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - the law of our country should apply to all individuals regardless of sexuality, religion, ability, gender, stupidity or bigotry.

And referendums never ask sensible questions like 'Do you want to be a republic?', they say 'Do you want to be this really specific type of republic that nobody wants?' and of course, it fails and the idiots get to bang on about it for 1000 years. Martin Luther King and Ghandi would have yelled 'referendum my arse' if they were about today.... and both of them were 'aligned with faith' and equality.  Imagine. They didn't make history or change the world by being negative nellies or risk adverse now did they?

So let me say it for them - 'Referendum my arse'.  Just change the freakin' law, let them homosexuals go at marriage with gay abandon and please god - smite Fred Nile with one of those thunderbolts like old Saul got on that road to Damascus.  Let him preach words of love not hate, acceptance not bigotry, peace not war.


  1. it is interesting that religions want to maintain their "right" to discriminate against homosexuals; but enjoy the freedom to practice religion... also interesting is the argument that homosexuality is an assault against marriage - but they haven't yet tackled the bigger problem of divorce... picky-choosey religious... apparently it ain't about practicing what you preach...

    1. I think this is the image you're looking for Mr Gerry https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=454459457966331&set=a.131930970219183.36609.126718237407123&type=1&theater

  2. Replies
    1. I trust you airpunched and swayed to an internal beat as you said that!

  3. Oh this post made me laugh.

    Fred should read Section 116 of the constitution - "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance" so any law made on marriage should be made with social implications in mind, not religious ones.

    And from I can see, there are no negative social implications so just do it already.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

    1. I am so saving that little snippet Mrs M. Thank you! Word out! x