18 May 2013

I blog therefore I... ummm...errr?

To be honest, they had me at hello!

I'd scored a place on the Voices of 2013 Masterclass and when I sit down ten minutes late and find I'm being gifted a notebook that looks like a typewriter just for turning up I kind of thank the gods for loving me - I love funky notebooks.  They're a 'thing'.

And it was going to make up for any speeding tickets I'd incurred on the way.

So basically, the Masterclass could have been complete rubbish and I'd have been happy with the outcome.  I came with low expectations and by low, I mean none.

Examples of early blogging

Nobody I know is a blogger.  Bloggers are fictional creatures that live on the computer and occasionally feature in newspaper articles.  Going to a blogging Masterclass was like believing that going to New Zealand meant I was going to meet a Hobbit.

But there you go - you take a little bit of the dream and say 'Fuck it', lets see where we end up and three hours later you're entertained, you've got some great ideas and only one presenter has set off your 'Really? REALLY? (Tosser)' alarm.  The others have made sense, been human and everybody at your table has been quite delightful.

And even the others not at your table, the ones with awesome shoes, they've been fabulous too.

I liked that the panels' read my mind and asked the questions that will occur to me later on in the journey, and that some of them asked the questions I should be asking now.  I like that people were collectively keen to learn which made for a fantastically positive vibe.  I like that people were keen to share and I liked that some parts were funny.  I felt the relaxing happen then.

But I also liked that ultimately, the people that were really, really good at blogging, actually liked doing it.  Like a lot.

And that is probably my favourite learning of the day.  I blog because I enjoy it. And so do they.  

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