28 May 2013

Me, Colin and an email address

Matthew Rhys starring in adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (click here) has led to a flurry of suggestions from concerned friends that I was going to have to change my personal email address.  Um. No.

Mr Colin Firth - King
Some context - a little over ten years ago a relative of mine suggested I was too old to throw in my job and go backpacking.  The view was that I should be settling down, not gallivanting.  I said I was going overseas to marry Colin Firth and they apologised - said they hadn't realised I had a boyfriend. That afternoon, still chuckling over the conversation, my friend and I (and several wines) decided to seize the day and make sure I was prepared to meet Colin.

And so setting up my personal email address in preparation for life as The Honourable Mrs Colin Firth I headed overseas for a year or four.  The fact that he and I were complete strangers, he was in a long relationship with a stunning Italian and um, I was highly unlikely to meet him living in share houses in London has not stopped the joke, even after I met and married another Brit, brought him back to Australia and had little half English/half Australian babies.

But it is a joke.  I'm not a deluded stalker.  I've never written a letter to a celebrity in my life. When I speak to celebrities its because I've run into them somewhere and have started speaking to them before realising I don't actually know them and it always seems rude to just drop to my knees shrieking 'ARRRRGH, I accidentally spoke to somebody who I have seen on the TV/interweb/BIG SCREEN'. I have never proposed to, or expected a proposal from, a celebrity.

My husband doesn't feel threatened by my email address, his mother has long accepted I've just got a daft sense of humour and was not actually previously married and last but not least, I've only had to have one job contract re-written with the correct surname inserted.

I could change the email address but I've used it for so long and keeping people up to date with changing physical addresses is hard enough.  Since the job contract fiasco I've set myself up a new grown up email address using my real name which I use for grown up reasons but only for grown up reasons.  None of my friends or family, for instance, use my grown up address.

So Mr Rhys can don his leggings and flutter his eyelashes as much as he likes and I'm sure he'll be absolutely brilliant however, my email address is going to remain true and faithful. But thank you for your concern.


  1. Got to admire a long and committed relationship. Well done you!
    Incidentally your list of words which should be used more brought to mind 'defenestrate'. Not that I think we need more defenestration as such, but you have to admire a language which covers such an eventuality so concisely

    1. Defenstrate is being added. I like it. I also like the foresight which has added it to the vocabulary JUST in case. x

  2. I'm with you. Colin's the one for me.

    1. We might have to declare 'thumb war' if it ever becomes a real competition. But just remember - I have the email address :-) x