29 May 2013

Tanzing and Edmund did it better. Fact.

Have you read about this chappy who is about to sit for 60 days on a rock?  Just because.  Just to see if he can do it longer than the guy who did it in 1985?

In the video the rock clearly shows nothing but bird shit.  Lots and lots of bird shit.

You can get this in miniature in any town centre that features a statue to its founding members (or bizarre Romanian produced Michael Jackson statues in a surprising array of cities in Eastern Europe)

Some days you're the pigeon.  Some days you're the statue
Mr Hancock claims he's looking for a challenge after running marathons and climbing mountains.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say 'get a job dude'.

It's a rock with bird shit on it.  That's it.

I get that you have to sit in a plastic bucket, take your food, catch the rain, etc.  I get that you will not have anywhere to plug your smartphone or your camera battery.  I get that it'll take you a while to get there in your plastic bucket.

But really?  You're kind of clutching at straws when you choose a rock that nobody has ever heard of to 'conquer'.  Tenzing and Edmund did Everest. 60 years ago today just by the by. That was an accomplishment.  The moon, another fairly big success.  Columbus and Cook did okay.  Yes, there were people there but in fairness neither of them knew that when they set out from the other side of the world.

Sometimes rocks are just rocks.  Get. A. Job. Please.  Your poor mama must be wondering what she did wrong.

* See how I scheduled this to post at 11.30 am - my little tribute to Tanzing and Edmund. 

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