19 May 2013

They do not go gently - line dancing for seniors and me!

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with four people aged 94,84, 94 and 103.  We were all at the same Line Dancing evening in Hobart and I think that you can just make up your own version of how we all come to be at such an event.  Or even that I could start a blog with this scenario and it be true.  

For our purposes - let's call them Doug, Liz, Thelma and Alice.  

Liz used to be a GP and was pretty sure she was only there because there was free booze.  And she was fairly cranky about missing out on a ticket for the door prize. She called it a conspiracy but then acknowledged that she didn't come in through the door so maybe they'd just missed her.  She thought this might be logical but wasn't really inclined to be generous, so was determined to drink as much of the free booze as possible.

Alice used to be a pianist and had had an early bath to get herself relaxed and ready for the party. She loves to dance apparently so had a little snooze in her bath to be ready for the late night and then had a glass of wine and slept in her chair the whole way through the dance.  If you're 103 though this isn't bad manners - it's the freedom of saying 'fuck it' because you're old and don't have to behave 'appropriately' if you aren't inclined to do so.  She still won a door prize so considered the night a big success. 

Thelma was up and dancing with a young blonde Welshman and rocking a flannelette shirt and an Akubra with the best of them.  She might be 94 but has her own Facebook page and was learning about Twitter this week. She loves the Internet, hates country music but always enjoys a party.  She thinks that people who say they are too old to learn things or get a grasp of technology are idiots.  She also thinks there is no excuse for poor grammar in texts.  She and I were basically the same person 60ish years apart.  Mainly because I used to rock a flannelette shirt and Akubra pretty well.  Oh and I'm a grammar bore.  Even in texts. 
Thanks to radioplanet.tv for themed image
Ed was wearing a bow tie.  He is the child of travelling performers.  Plays the piano and some other instruments. Tap dances.  Hence the bow tie. He's not a fan of the 'western' style of music or even the 'Australian country' but he loves free beer and a chance to wear his bow tie.  So he's at the party.  He thinks Thelma, Liz and Alice are 'champion dames'.  He asks if he can tell me a story that contains a swear word.  I encourage him to proceed.  He tells me he read it in the Reader's Digest so its probably true.  He says this a few times while telling the story.

So you know the lingerie brand Hestia?  Well apparently back in the day they were looking for a brand name for their new lingerie.  They'd brainstormed all day and had nothing, so they were sent home and told not to come back to work if they didn't have a name.  In the morning they went around the table and all the names were rubbish.  They got to this final fellow and he suggested 'Hestia'.  They asked 'Why?'

'Holds every sized tittie in Australia'

And there you go.  Hestia.  And his swear word was 'tittie'.  

He chortled extensively in the way the very deaf and very old do and I almost called for oxygen.  He apologised for swearing and blamed the Reader's Digest.  And then laughed and called for his second beer.  Loved him.  

Loved them all.

They were not going quietly into the good night.  Not one of them.  And for that - I salute them.

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