11 June 2013

A gift for life

I may have mentioned before that my two girls are the best kids in the universe.  They are clearly more clever than any other children, much better looking and they are absolutely the funniest children in the history of children.  I don't say this as a biased parent but as an objective observer.


They are really great.  Except when they are killing each other.  Which is when I ignore their adorableness to admire their tenacity and strategic approach to giving each other the irrits - they are learning "know your opponent" very young and for that I give them full credit (and sometimes a telling off because they are going to be sisters for a long time so need to learn to get on).

But something they both have embraced, to our absolute delight, is music.  And we listen to music a lot in our house.  And our music collection can be best summed up with the word - eclectic.  Their father is in charge of the 'cool' element and I'm in charge of making sure they know the rest.  I'm very good at my job and I think generally they like my music better but we've agreed not to tell DaddyO - it'd break his heart.  

Having a session with guest uker 'The Divine Ms M'
While my youngest force of nature is currently a groover - she starts stomping and dancing at the drop of a hat and shakes a mean maraca, my older force of nature is relishing language and in particular songs.  But she may have inherited my inability to remember lyrics so, like me, she sings what she thinks she hears as long as it fits the musical metre. 

Recent favourites from the Tullinator include:

"Don't eat my hat, my blacky blacky hat".  
"I am your sunshine, your lonely sunshine"
"Old McDonald had an arm, eeee iiiiii eeeee iiiiiii toes"
"Lets spin me round on a record baby"
"We are family, I got my sisters and knees"

Her little friend 'The J-man' sings 'Blah blah black sheep' - which is entirely accurate when you think about that particularly nursery rhyme.

She never EVER gets the lyrics to "Wheels on the Bus" muddled and in fact, is emphatic about the order and will not tolerate any deviation.  But objected the other day when I tried 'Wee Willie Winkie' on her - "Willy's don't run Mummy - you're BUNNY"

The fact that she uses a 'B' instead of an 'F' kills me every time.  Too too adorable.

But I'm confident that our world domination plans of raising rock stars and not sports freaks is under way.  And this is sensible parenting - I'd much rather take my children to the pub at night so they can play music until the wee hours rather than get up at 5am to watch them swim or stand on cold football fields watching them kick a ball.

And music is for life - the more I think about it - what greater gift can we give our girls than a love of music that might one day make them a fortune to look after us in our old age.  They'll thank us.

Do you have plans for retirement?
What are your favourite misheard lyrics from small people?

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