6 June 2013

Bananas Split from ABC TV (Guffaw)

Hear ye! Hear ye! Get the news today! Bananas in Pyjamas RETIRING!

Yep, THAT Banana's in Pyjama's - the iconic kids TV show featuring two bananas, three bears, a rat and a kangaroo.  The theme tune apparently came from the nephew of Enid Blyton.  That's a fact I didn't know until today.  

Anyway, the people are lamenting the demise of the Bananas with much wailing and gnashing of teeth and cursing of budgetary considerations, but I'm not at all sure this is a bad thing.  The simple fact is that the animated Bananas in Pyjamas was just never as good as the original episodes.

It was bland, boring and repetitive.  I know it's akin to punching small kittens to diss the Bananas in anyway but you know I'm right.  We should have been protesting in the streets when they turned it from people in Banana suits to animation, when we dumbed it down to be 'suitable' for children.  It was ingenious, creative and bold in the beginning and the loss of that kind of originality should always be mourned appropriately. 

We went from this kind of awesomeness (Thank you ABCTV YouTube)  -

To this kind of brainless vapidity(Thank you ABCTV YouTube) -

I know that somebody in the original series was seriously overindulging on hallucinogenics - but that was an industry requirement for kids TV back in the olden days - and we got some smashingly good TV out of it.  

True story.  But let me not be churlish - happy retirement Bananas.  I hope you end up in Mellow Yellow land sipping cocktails with the rest of the gang.  

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