4 June 2013

I can't be the only person suffering f&#*witphobia?

If you look at the news at the moment you'll generally see a common theme.  Phobia. And I thought that with all of my banging on about tolerance and acceptance, I should actively practice it.

So, I skimmed through as many news sites as I could to get a feel for the things people are being phobic or hateful about so I could be more tolerant.  I tried to avoid reading the comments on anything because that would be an unfair test of the new tolerant and accepting me.

Turns out there is a lot to be afraid of out there so I tried to summarise the key things that people are scared about so I could focus my zen like approach appropriately.

  1. Some people are afeared of the gays - generally because they are fabulous and happy and might make other people fabulous and happy.  And they'd spend lots on weddings and help the economy and be treated like equal citizens. Scary stuff.
  2. Some others are scaredybobs of those that are Muslim - because if you can't see somebody's hair they are probably a terrorist and it definitely says in the Koran (that none of the phobics have read but they read it on the internet so it is probably true) that they have to kill their neighbours but preferably by just wandering around minding their own business. But don't trust them because they want to kill you, you can tell because they don't drink but still dance.  People that do dance without drinking are scary.  Granted.
  3. We need to be frightened of people who are not white - which when you consider of the 7 billion people on the planet only about 15% are white, leaves you with a lot of freaking people to be scared of just because they aren't you.  It also means that you have something in common with Pauline Hanson and the BNP which is even scarier. 
  4. We should totally be petrified of those buggers FLOODING the country by boat.  I mean if they were desperate enough to leave their country on a leaky vessel and try and get to Australia for asylum, they're desperate enough to do anything.  And now that they aren't allowed to work, they'll have all that time to sit around thinking up ways to do dastardly deeds.  And we should be scared here - look at the skyrocketing crime and drug offences in football teams.  Proof already.
  5. And last but not least - we should be petrified of indigenous Australians.  Cheeky chappies wanting to be in the constitution as the first Australians and wanting to bring their life expectancy in line with the rest of the country.  It's outrageous that they can't see all WE'VE done for them giving them the vote and what not.  Next they'll be, be, be... DOING SOMETHING. Yeah, you know. RUNNING THE COUNTRY OR SOMETHING AND WE ALREADY HAVE REDHEADS AND WOMEN NOT KNOWING THEIR PLACE. CRIKEY!  

It turns out that I'm fuckwitphobic.  I can't practice tolerance and acceptance of stupidity, ignorance, bigotry and apathy.  I just can't.  So I'm going to continue being a stupid leftie bleeding heart PC commie bitch and if it offends you, fuck off. 

You're welcome.

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