2 June 2013

Teeth and boy bands

My favourite Facebook post of the week has got to go to a friend we shall call Darren (for that is indeed his name) who wrote the following:

Do I want to be part of a society where chemists stock One Direction singing toothbrushes? 

 It made me laugh a lot.  It was a very true statement.  I liked it's dramatic nature. The comedic pathos. I liked that it was about toothbrushes, popular culture and the state of the world.  Sometimes, people just nail something in a sentence and it says everything there is to say.  Just like that. Kudos Darren.

I googled 'one direction oral hygiene' to get this picture
And then I was going to write a blog post about this but realised it would completely negate my point.  So I'm not.

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