24 June 2013

The journey from faith to science (or back)

Breaking news today:  Nik Wallenda has just walked across the Grand Canyon on a rope.

With a stick.

In jeans.

In fact he 'ran the last few metres', as you do.

And moved from thanking the good Lord for the view to thanking his sponsor, The Discovery Channel, for believing in him.

You can see the story here

Nik on his stroll across the Grand Canyon
(photo: www.news.com.au)
So what are the take homes for us mere mortals in this little bit of record making history?

It takes but 426 metres to move from faith to science.  From the appreciation of life, to the appreciation of money.

But I say the journey from science to faith is quicker.  I tripped over a mobile phone cord today and immediately called on the man above as I tumbled like a goose.  Science to faith - one metre.

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