2 July 2013

A win for democracy? Ed Husic is a better person than me

I've been at home today, lying under the blankets feeling sorry for myself as I battle a cold.  When I was younger my parents used to say "you're not martyr material" like it was a bad thing (for those unfamiliar with martyrs they generally end up dead).  Now that I'm older I understand that I just have a male approach to illness and I say that with the greatest of respect.  Soldiering on should only be for Codral adverts.

Anyway, I digress.  To entertain myself I've been glued to twitter which was entertaining at first as I caught up with the world of film and music and TV and people's meals, and then the flood of abuse towards Ed Husic for being sworn in on a Koran rather than a Bible began and I wished I hadn't been on Twitter and could somehow have remained unaware of how vocal the bigots can be.

"We are a Christian country". "It's Un-Australian". "It's the book of terrorists".

To all of you that wrote the above or versions of it.  Please shut up.  You're all idiots.  And ignorant.  And idiocy and ignorance should be more 'unAustralian' then they currently are.

Australian enough for you?

Firstly - if anything we're an Aboriginal country, not a Christian one (remember - boat people are so 1788).  And anything that says religion should have a part in the running of the country is just wrong.  Law and religion should always be separate because since we clearly can't agree on religion, the law should be impartial.

Secondly - on this same point.  Ed Husic making an oath on the Bible would be meaningless.  No more should he swear on the Bible than Julia Gillard, who as an Atheist should probably stick to 'my word is my bond' or similar rather than using any book.  Why swear on something he doesn't believe in?  How would that be an oath?  Go back to your Famous Five novels to understand why getting an oath right is so important.

Thirdly - if a Sydney born Bosniak from Blacktown is not Australian the rest of us are truly screwed.

Fourthly - so called Christians shouldn't be throwing aspersions on anybody else's book until they have better explanations for the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the homes for unwed mothers and a host of other historical and more recent examples of 'being Christian does not a good man make'.

Lastly - why are bigots so VOCAL?  Why do you put your names and faces to such abuse?  Would you scream these things into the face of Ed Husic and his family?  If not - why are you putting them in capitals on your Twitter feed and Facebook page?

I say kudos to Ed Husic for being so magnanimous about the abuse and calling it democracy.  I would have stamped my feet, yelled "No Fair" and gone home.

His mother did bring him up good she did.  And her a Muslim.  Who'd have thunked it eh? **

**for those that missed it - tongue firmly in cheek for this line.  

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