12 August 2013

Experience Awesome - don't mind if I do

In a rather timely fashion considering my last post was on face painting - I have been sent an offer for readers of my blog which kind of appeals to me because it's like 'culture' and 'fun' together.  Which is a rare find. Death of a Salesman my friend might be brilliant but you can't really use the word 'fun' to describe it now can you?

But these guys they use some really fabulous words in their spiels - and you know me. I'm a sucker for an adjective.  And a bad joke.  This spiel has BOTH.
This intensely exciting and wildly outrageous show will premiere in Sydney with electrifying music, sensational technology and gut-busting humour**. From a mind-blowing tour of the brain to a look inside the mind of a robot, the show is a primaltronically phosphorpedic, biomechani-morphically audiorrific, technodelically tribalicious, cyborganic and just freakin' cool experience. 
**Metaphorically speaking, of course. No guts will be harmed during the performance. 

It's basically three blue men and a lot of weirdness but it is NOT Avatar. More blue, more fun and to be fair, probably makes more sense. It's got to be fundamentally appealing at some level because it's been going for 25 years and something like 25 million people have seen it.  And they've never come to Australia before for reasons inexplicable.  It's a nice place to visit as places go right?

But anyway - I signed up to a call out for things that might be interesting and fun to do and they've offered me a discount link to put here and I thought - why not?

So if you want to:

Click on link here - tell your friends they can find it here too - it even includes a discount for opening night!

Click here for offer

You're welcome!

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