15 August 2013


I sleep, perchance to dream.

Well. No.

I sleep because I hunger for oblivion.  I want eight hours of no thoughts, no thinks, no thunks.  I am not interested in what my semi-conscious and other bits of my brain box are having meetings about. I care not for their conclusions.  If they want me to know that shit they can jolly well get in touch while I am awake. And I'm awake a lot more than I am asleep.

Last night I slept for almost eight hours.  With only a small person burrowing in beside me to briefly interrupt the slumbering.  Well and then when she decided she had to be in the middle and crawled across me.  But otherwise, I slept. Comfortably.  Cosily.  Snorily.

ahh... memories

My man rose to the waking of the baby, without waking me and took her downstairs and I slumbered on until 8 am.

Almost eight hours.

I had no idea just how tired I was.

But now that I am less so, I am looking forward to next year's eight hour sleep too.

That is all.


  1. I'm sleeping lots more now too...but I suspect my deficit is SO great that it will take another 4 years to make it up.

  2. Oh Alison, I do so hope you are surprised by a second 8 hour sleep this year. x