28 August 2013

Wine vs Lemons

I know I mentioned it recently.  I'm tired a lot at the moment.  A lot. My girls have been sick.  They are not sleeping or they are sleeping in our bed.  When they sleep in our bed, they've been experiencing with spontaneous middle of the night up-chucking or bed-wetting which results in two weary adults stripping beds, remaking beds, soothing children, changing children and hurling curt phrases heavy with pointed pathos and self pity across small feverish brows and fresh pyjamas to claim the prize of most put upon partner.

When they sleep in their own beds, they don't vomit or pee (of course not) but they still wake needing comfort.  I've been sick.  He's been sick. We've both been busy working hard, freelancing, travelling, training for runs, playing with our children, refereeing our children, picking up after our children, attempting to be strict parents to our children, hosting lovely friends, cooking, shopping, planning, washing - all the things that make up an ordinary life.

And then one night, out of the blue, a teensy little voice whispered to me "You should try some of that Hairy Lemon stuff you got sent earlier this month - see if it works" and the other little voice whispered "Have another glass of wine - getting all fired up this late at night would just be a waste of time."

And the wine voice won. Twice.

But then one morning, I tossed a Hairy Lemon tablet into a glass, chugged it down after my cereal and got on with the day.  And I did notice that I went a little bit further, a little more freshly, for a little bit longer that day.  So I took another the next day. And... well you get it. And there must be something in that little yellow tablet which is better overall than a the desperate inhalation of an early morning Coke Zero in search of artificial energy, because I'm still tired but I'm remembering my own name, my immune system is recovering and my oomph kicks in pre noon now rather than somewhere after the day finishes.

Of course I could eat perfectly and get all my vitamins from a perfectly balanced diet and set an awesome example to my children, while being a paragon of housewifely virtue oozing with organisational capabilities that would make a Stepford wife jealous and get a good eight hours of sleep per night.  I could.  But it's unlikely.  Not until I hire a chef, a nanny, a personal trainer and give up work.

So while I apologise for almost forgetting to do my Hairy Lemon pitch in return for my little Happy Hairy Lemon pack containing the fizzy lemon loveliness, I'm kind of pleased that when I did use it, I actually needed it and didn't have to just quote their website and say "Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation for people who feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle" which you and I both know means "BOOZEHOUNDS OF THE WORLD YOU'LL LOVE THIS STUFF".

And we do as it turned out (Size of sample validating this claim - 1).

But anyway - I've got two packs of Hairy Lemon Happiness as giveaways for you courtesy of the Hairy Lemon team (includes a bag, some Hairy Lemon, sunnies, headphones, lip balm, etc) and all you have to do is comment on this post or on Talking Frankly's facebook page by the end of 1 September telling me what your favourite 'kickstart' is when you aren't living your life like Miranda Kerr.

I'll get a random to choose their two favourites and boom! You can be me.


  1. Would have to be a cup of coffee (obligatory of course) but with an elicit piece of chocolate too. Seems so naughty to be having chocolate before any breakfast (WHAT WOULD MY MOTHER SAY?) but I get such a kick out of being a rebel and all the goof brain chemistry do dads it puts a spring in my step.

    WARNING: cannot be used daily. must be kept for special occasions otherwise it might loose its potency! ;-)

  2. After having your eyelids ripped open by a 5yo, I find an ice cold glass of water a great way to start the day. It wakes up your insides.

  3. Special cuddles with hubby are a great way to start the day!

  4. Continuing the lemon theme, how about lemon and sugar pancakes (rolled up with extra lemon and sugar on top) - a bottomless pile (made by Someone Else). Mind you, anything made by Someone Else is pretty d__n good first thing in the morning. If I don't post this as anonymous it comes up as my husband, so sorry about that. This is Sue F

  5. My favourite kickstart would be a (fully caffeinated) coffee. However I have to admit that when I have a smoothie I feel much better! However that rarely happens and somehow coffee always wins out. Well at least when I wasn't with-child!

  6. I find that a nice walk up a big hill does the trick. Just wish I actually had the energy to do thus.

  7. Charmaine Campbell31 August 2013 at 23:37

    My daily kickstart is a shower with my favourite Ginger shower gel from The Body shop! Smells divine, gets me going!

  8. ummm my favourite kickstart is a decaf and 1/2 hour on fb :)

  9. The best way to kick start my morning is with some quiet and a Lady Grey Tea. Of course with 3 kids, youngest being just 2, my morning usually starts with something much louder and much less pleasant smelling.

  10. Good morning all - thanks so much for all the entries both here and on Facebook. I emailed the entries (sans names) to a guy I work with called Ryan who is universally known as a lovely man and asked him which entries appealed most to him. He chose Leanne Renehan's and Nardia Symond's entries as the winners, with a special mention for Sue Trail's for honesty :-).

    Thanks to all for playing. If Leanne and Nardia could please email their addresses to talkingfranklyblog@gmail.com, the team at Hairy Lemon will send your prizes.

  11. Bummer - how did I miss this? I clearly need to pay more attention. I hope the winners enjoy their prize and I hope, Alison, that your kiddies and you are feeling better and that there is less bed vomiting and wetting all round.