18 September 2013

Big love and blogging

What did I take away from my first ever Problogger event last week?


Not mine. Not yet.

But I really noted that ALL of the bloggers that were taking their blogs and running off into the sunset, had the confidence to keep pushing through with what they wanted to do, even if it wasn't always to the liking of others.

Pip Lincolne said "Lots of people love what I do, others don't. Get fucked. The end"

Trey Ratcliff said "Fight hate with awesome"

They're both right.  And they are marvellous presenters. But nobody starts there.  Though how I would love to have started there.  Imagine!

Currently, I'm just allowing myself little flutters of 'Pip and Trey'.  Because they are right. 

I'm getting there - but it's not the blogging necessarily. It's the therapy. It's being loved. But the blogging definitely allows me to explore topics that I am interested in and throw my thoughts out for others to respond to however they will.

Some say "Howdy do"

Lots say nothing at all.

But I really do enjoy writing.  As a 'personal blogger' it can be hard to work out what constitutes interesting to potential readers. And there is a school of thought that says write anyway.  But I would suggest that very few writers write just for writing's sake.  Like all things that we do in life, we hope we are resonating, sounding bells, connecting, impacting. 

Clare Bowditch who apart from singing, acting and generally being very funny, runs a business called 'big hearted business' (which encourages you to do what you love, make money and save the world) talked about creating "a chunky online community that cares".

And that resonated with me, because online, just as in real life, we should be surrounding ourselves with people who are positive, are thoughtful, who are creative and who, most importantly, are kind.

Because we are ultimately, the sum of all the people and all the ideas, with which we surround ourselves. 

And that is probably why those bloggers whose confidence I so admired, are successful.  They are passionate about what they do, they were happy sharing the knowledge they had accumulated, they were looking for things to learn themselves and quite interestingly, not one of them was a tosser.

Seems the good guys don't always come last.



  1. Aw! It's so easy to focus on the people who don't like us. But it's SUCH a waste of time! It's much better to gravitate towards the people who DO get what we do, support AND inspire us. In a way, focusing on the nay sayers is a kind of self harm. Why would we choose that path when we can hang with the peeps who LIKE what we do?! Choose the LIKERS! It's the best CHOICE!

    1. Thanks Pip. Really lovely to get some feedback from somebody so awesome and you are, of course, dead right. x

  2. What a great post! You have such a brilliant blog that you should be so proud of! I only started blogging a couple of months ago and to be honest at the start I wasn't even sure if I wanted others to read it (being a private person), but I too have found it so therapeutic and have met so many amazing people in the process! There is such an incredible blogging community out there and I am loving slowly getting to know people like you!

    1. Wow, what fabulous feedback. It's quite made my afternoon. Thanks so much and I look forward to checking our Bake Play Smile. Take care x

  3. Even though I love the writing I also enjoy the love :) Not that I get much. Except referrer spam. Great post!

  4. Found your blog through the DP Carnival and enjoyed this post very much. I agree, blog because you want to and don't worry about the negative people. I have been blogging only for a few months, but in that short time I've made some wonderful connections that I never dreamed of when I started blogging. The lovely feedback has restored my faith in human nature!
    I hope you continue to grow your blogging confidence and make some more awesome connections.

    1. Thanks very much Dani, good luck with your blogging also, and please do let me know what your blog is called so I can return the favour and check it out. x