16 September 2013

This government is fine for me, but not for Australia

For starters people - HE IS NOT THE PRIME MINISTER ELECT.  We're not freaking America.  We've elected a Coalition Government - not just Abbott.

Though seriously - I am genuinely bewildered by the fact that Australian's made the vote into a personality contest and not something based on policies - because unless you're already stupidly rich, you don't benefit from any of their 'possible policies'.

Mind you, if like me - you're a city based, married, middle class, thirties something, white skinned, heterosexual - you won't be worse off.  But if you're not white, not living in the city, not straight, not middle aged, not employed or you're the environment - quite simply, the signs say you're about to be genuinely screwed by the government you just voted in for the next three years.

And I remain somewhat taken aback by this our collective regression into conservative, fear based, aspirational, forelock tugging Australians.  When did we stop sticking our finger up at authority? When did we stop sticking it to the man?  When did we start being so full of 'our rights' and so little about 'our responsibilities'?  When did we start to feel that we should vote in a government that will benefit each and every single one of us rather than make Australia a better place across the board?

Quite frankly -when did we become such self centred wankers?

I'm being honest when I say that the new government isn't going to impact me or mine particularly personally. But I see in the new ministry, I see in the proposed policies, an Australia which isn't particularly 'lucky'.  And that saddens me.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. There is no vision with this government and their short-sighted policies will leave us all be worse off in the end, especially the minorities. All we can do is ride the wave for the next three years and hope they don't screw us all over completely...