16 October 2013

The procrastination post


If you start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start 
- Mary Poppins
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step 
- some wise dude from the olden days

Both Mary and the wise dude are sitting on my shoulder giving me a severe case of the irrits.  Not to mention an earworm thanks Mary.

I've got things to do.  Loads of things.  I've managed to put a letter back in the post box that was incorrectly delivered, read the news, admire photos of my girls, talk to my neighbour over the back fence about his recent holiday abroad, wave toilet duck at the toilet, eat some rice bubbles and clean a few cobwebs out of the toy room.

None of these things are even remotely things I need to do today.

Sometimes getting started is harder than it looks.

And I hate faffing.  My husband is a professional hardcore procrastinator and it drives me wild. If he was here killing time writing blogs when HE HAD STUFF TO DO I'd be cross and humph a lot because FFS JUST DO IT ALREADY!  So lucky he's not here.

(And lucky I'm so perfect I have no irritating habits)

I think people that start their to do list with 'write a list' so they can immediately cross something off it and feel a sense of accomplishment are essentially cheating.  But right now - I'm totally owning that.

I'll tell you another way I've managed to not start today.  I googled 'list apps' just to see if there were any interesting technological innovations in list writing since the last time I googled it.  When there is a pen and notebook beside me on the table.

If that isn't dedicated not starting I don't know what is. And yes - I've googled 'list apps' previously.  What of it? I like lists. I like technology - it stands to reason that googling 'list apps' would happen once or twice in my lifetime.

The more time I have to do something, the less I seem to get done.  I was on maternity leave twice and  I never wrote a best selling novel, sorted out my old photos or took up a domestic art.

Calvin never gets it wrong (Source Bill Watterson)
Anyway, this is it, I'm finishing this and I'm going to go and change the world.

Which isn't on my list either.  Bugger.

Okay... off to write a new list.  Starting with 'write list' and followed by 'change the world'.

And if you hear of any good 'list apps', please let me know. 


  1. As a fellow procrastinator I say ... I'll finish this post comment later! ;)
    (You will change the world you know - you've made mine a nicer place just for knowing you!) xx

    1. Thank you. Unsure how I missed this one! Big love back. x