5 November 2013

Are you a Bitstrip addicted pity poster?

Discovered Bitstrips yet?

It is the Facebook and smart phone app that lets you create a comic you and make little comics where you are the star.  It started almost a year ago but only went onto the app stores about a month ago and is taking over the world.  
Duuuudddeeeee.  Uncool. 
And your Facebook feed is probably flooded with these cartoons at the moment and fundamentally I love the concept - comics are a great way of storytelling and some people have nailed it - seriously clever and very funny.  And most at least raise a smile. 

But the thing that is making me seriously consider blocking Bitstrips is the passive aggressive pity poster. 

You know the ones - they never have anything positive to say and post statements which are supposed to have you engaging and sympathising about their dreadful lives.  They're all woe is me and fuck my life.  Using the correct textspeak abbreviations of course.  They are generally people you like or even love - but they do tend to see the world as out to get them.  Every single day. 

And for them, I have this public service announcement: 

BITSTRIPS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND PEOPLE.  Being a passive aggressive pity poster in PICTURES is just poor form.  It does NOT reflect well on you.  

And it's not just me - all around me in the office over the last little while, there have been muttered conversations about people's feeds being cluttered with Bitstrips bitching about boyfriends, bad days, and so on.  Bitstrips is supposed to contribute to engaging story telling and world peace.  It is not an illustrative tool for the self perpetuating disaster your life currently is.... unless you're Fiona McLoughlin - that woman makes the dark places in her life seem like a trip you want to go on.  

So my dear passive aggressive pity posters ask yourself this - are you Fiona McLoughlin? 

No.  Then trust me, help me HELP YOU - get the eff off Bitstrips. 

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