12 November 2013

The conversation

I was at a celebration of life on the weekend - a real one. Cancer 0. Friend 1.  Lots of really lovely people were there - friends from all over the place, all parts of her life, all come together to be part of a giant circle of love.

Awww - awesome huh?  

However, winning line of the weekend goes to a female person who shall be known as 'Harley'. I wasn't even present to hear this line but it was retold so brilliantly by 'the accused' that when it pops into my mind - I genuinely laugh out loud.  And my face hurts from grinning.

So to make your Tuesday a little bit happier, I present to you The Conversation.

'The accused' and 'Harley' hadn't seen each other in ages.  After the face kissing and general chit chat, 'Harley' says to 'the accused'

"Something has changed since I last saw you? Something is a little bit different? Maybe your hair? Don't tell me, I'll work it out"

General conversation and convivial atmosphere continue.

Then all of a sudden

"I know what it is! YOU'VE SHAVED YOUR ARMPITS"


Laughter.  Of the tear streaming down your face variety.  

In between hiccups of laughter.

"Nope, that's not it, I've always shaved my armpits".

A hand thrown in the air dismissively.  

"Well I don't know what it is then!"

And there it was - the funniest, the most random comment of the weekend. May the rest of your week continue a hidden gem like that one. You're welcome.

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