6 December 2013

Crafting excellence for small people. Quickly.

It has to be said, somewhat immodestly, that Playschool has never been the same since it forgot to employ me.

Not that I have ever applied.  And I can't sing. But when it comes to CRAFT. I'm the bomb.

Only when I feel like it though. I don't normally have the patience for detailed piece work. And by this I mean anything from sticking stickers in books to knitting.  My impatience for detail is completely egalitarian.

Today, I had three small people with a gap in their calendar.  So we made what I called 'wreaths' and one toddler called 'the sparkly bon bons'.

Call them what you want.  They are 3.5 minutes of creative genius.

Take a paper plate. Cut a hole in the middle.

I didn't take pictures as I went so I have googled one for you. I bet you couldn't have worked this out for yourself.  WHICH IS WHY I AM HELPING.

Then you staple a piece of tinsel to the top and wrap the tinsel around and around until the paper plate is covered. Then you staple the end in place.

This is tinsel.
When I say 'you' I obviously mean the two three year olds and the one year old.  But they are pretty crap at following instructions, so sometimes it is easier just to do it for them after they try and fail.  But make sure you are very encouraging about their efforts.  This is a key element of good parenting and important to use when in front of other parents.

Then give the three toddlers a box of Christmas themed stickers and tell them to cover the wreath as they will.  Then staple a hanging decoration in the middle of the wreath to make it look GENIUS.  Take a photo of the cute toddlers with their mound of tinsel and stickers...

All perfectly legit
And then, take 'em home and hang 'em on the door....

Best to use the same hanging decorations to avoid toddler warfare
Share genius with world on the slim chance that other parents out there are looking for ways to bond with their children in meaningful Christmas activities that last for less time than it takes to read this post.

You're welcome.

Please note: no children or their egos were harmed in the making of this blog.  All methodology is copyrighted.  

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